Monday, September 29, 2008

Update this morning on Grandad

Please pray for Grandad. His body seems to be healing, but the anesthesia and the morphine combined have not been a good combination for him and it is making him act and say mean things, which is not really like Grandad at all. It has been very hard on my Grandma as she is one of the few he recognizes and he says mean things to her, too. It is acting like a fog on his mind and he doesn't know that he was okay with the surgery and thinks that everyone is out to get him. This is not the Grandad who went into surgery.

We need the fog to lift from his mind and body, for him to start eating and to be himself again (the sooner the anesthesia and the morphine get out of his body, the better). Please pray for him and Grandma. We want the old Grandad back personality wise with his new heart and the increase in health he'll get from the increased blood flow to his body.

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