Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My cousin at Brookside Artzz 2008

Here is my cousin's booth at the Brookside Artzz show. She, too, got a canopy this year and we were all much happier for having some shade. She does paintings, using all sorts of media, even prints of her photos, dying the canvas, etc. She loves fabric and textures and exploring all those things. She likes coming up with new things or trying new techniques. Her booth seemed to get a lot of traffic and she spoke to many of the people and got a lot of compliments on her work. She even got offered a show in a local coffee shop after the first of the year!

She didn't sell any paintings, but with all that feedback and the possibility of a show in January, she had a good day. It was lots of fun to do this show together and I'm pretty sure we'll do this same one again next year. The cost of the booth is pretty low, it is good exposure, and we're in good company. Until next year, Brookside Artzz!

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