Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What is going on with me?

I have been so absent from here for MONTHS. It did start with the computer and it continued with how busy we were for the three shows we did this fall. My sister and I both felt like we were working from behind. I still kind of feel that way. Our first two shows were successful and the last one wasn't very successful. What we learned this Fall was we shouldn't do any shows into November. I think we'll probably stick with the two successful shows we've got going on.

Our Etsy store has also continued to increase! We are up to 80 sales and are believing for 100 sales by January 28th which is the date we had our very first sale (a set of magnets my sister made). I really enjoy having the store and having a place to sell whatever I decide to make.

Well, I thought I could do a longer post to let you know I may be back (more so after Christmas probably), but I'm now due to go for a walk in this 19 degree weather. Thank God it is sunny!!