Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bear on a stump

This cute little bear is sitting on a stump. When asked last year what he wanted for Christmas, Dad said, "I want a bear to sit on my stump." Well.... Thankfully, my brother-in-law accepted the challenge and when we were home for Christmas, he went driving around searching for a log that he could use to make the bear. It's not just everyone who can look at a log and see the possibilities inside. He used his chainsaw to free this little bear from inside the log. I watched him doing it several times and I was amazed (it was kind of like what I imagine Michaelangelo did when he released David from a flawed slab of marble no one else would use, minus the chainsaw). This was the first time I'd actually been home to see the little bear sitting on the stump since it had been sitting in the garage waiting for some varnish before he was sent outside to his stump. I was impressed all over again when I saw him outside. (And if you say "stump" enough, it doesn't seem like a real word anymore.)

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