Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Continuing our walk after the rain

We continued our walk after the rain. I wanted to show you the clouds that continued to roll overhead.

I know you see what I mean about a 360 degree view. I love it! Sometimes in the city, I feel a little trapped and need the wide open spaces to be refreshed.

Our walks often take us down the road towards the mailbox. On the way, I usually try to look for rocks to see if there are any interesting ones. We weren't able to go rock hunting this trip because there were too many other things going on.

I had to show you the "Oops" bale. I guess somehow the twine to wrap around the bale got mixed up in the bale.

We had a great walk and both took a lot of pictures. It did end up raining again probably an hour later, for maybe thirty minutes this time. I love those rains that come and go, sprinkling you with goodness. It just seems to me that there is a difference between a hard, driving rain and a gentle rain. The one I like to walk in with my face turned up to the sky. The other is brutal and chills me to the bone. These were both the refreshing kind, a kiss of blessing upon the land.

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