Monday, September 15, 2008

Little flower of some kind

I don't exactly know if this is a flower or not, but I like it. I like the light green and slightly orangey-brown of the flower in contrast with the leaves and the grass.

It finally stopped raining yesterday afternoon, which was nice. We sat outside the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the day. In the shade, the air was even a little cool which was welcome after the sticky humidity.

I've got to run some errands today--bank, grocery store, tag agency for a tag for our new car and then I've got to try to get everything together for the art show on Saturday. I'd better start today. I've got my paintings piled on top of each other in my little art room, so have to peel them apart and arrange them in tubs in the hall so I can transport them. I need to make sure each of them has their title and price card (the thirty plus I painted this year don't have that yet as I haven't taken them to a show). I have lots of little things I need to pull together such as how to display my cards, postcards, small unmatted, unframed paintings, etc. I would have started this whole process last week, but didn't want the tubs to linger in my hall longer than they need to. (It is hard to manuever around them, not to mention it just feels out of place.) But right now, I've got to take some little squincher for a walk.

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