Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Fall Mushroom

I was really delighted to run into this cute little Fall mushroom on our walk this morning. Will this be the last one I see this year? It won't be the last one I post as I still have several summer mushrooms waiting to make their debut.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pole with glasses

The other consistent thing for Brownie and I is to go for our walks. The weather is finally nice enough to actually enjoy our walk (and not sweat). We saw these on our walk a few days ago. I'm still amazed by what we see outside. Glasses. Really?? Did someone really take off their glasses, which they need to see, and leave them somewhere on the trail? I can picture a good samaritan putting them on this pole where they would hopefully be visible for whomever left them (if they can see to find them...). Plus, they just look kind of funny there on the pole like the pole is watching (and now seeing) everyone who walks by.

My first gallery show!

And now for some good news... I just had my first gallery show! I'm currently in an exhibit entitled "Off the Wall" at the Savage Art Gallery in Tulsa. The opening was on Thursday night (the 14th) and the show will run through October 29th. I am very excited as this is the direction I have wanted to go and to see it becoming reality is so wonderful.

Mom and Grandma came up to support me and to have them with me to walk in to my first gallery show was so meaningful to me. My sister, husband, and cousin also came to support me and it meant so much to me to have the support of my family on such a special day. I guess I've been underplaying my excitement because after coming home from the opening, I crashed. I must have had alot of adrenaline going while there and then wham, I was so exhausted.

I'll go by the gallery to pick up my paintings on the 30th and I'm hoping I'll be minus a few. I'm not sure where my next step will take me, but I'm moving in the right direction and I am thankful and excited to finally see some of my dreams become reality.

Art in the Square 10/2/10

Well, I did it to you again. I left you hanging for a few weeks waiting for a post from me and it just didn't happen. Seems like every time I get real busy, something has to give and for me, it is my blog (and also Frontierville). The only thing I do, even when I'm real busy, is play Zynga's Mafia Wars. I love that game. Probably because it doesn't involve using every single one of my fingers (and thumbs) poking various odd little buttons in sequences only savants can recall. This simply involves poking a button. I can poke a button all day long.

These pictures are from our booth at Art in the Square. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had so many people coming through our booth (only in part because we set it up so people had to walk through our booth). We had a lot of sales (including the last 3 bird paintings I had painted) and it was our best show ever.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

...and have a little more Love

Love 12, 4x5, 9/8/10

Love 13, 4x5, 9/8/10

Love 14, 4x5, 9/8/10

I've been continuing on with the Love series. I enjoy doing these little paintings and hope they bring a little Love into your day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Parasol Mushrooms

These mushrooms remind me of a group of people out on a hot day under their parasols (similar to an umbrella, but with a bit more panache) taking a bit of a stroll.

Brookside Artzz 2010

Here is our booth at the Brookside Artzz festival. I thought you may like to see what I've been working on that took up so much of my time and attention. It was a hot, hot day but Peanut and I had a lot of fun being together and hanging out and selling our wares. We have one more show coming up in two weekends, so I am focusing somewhat on that show (ie. realized I didn't have enough hangers to hang my pictures with, need more binder clips to clip on the title/price tags, need to paint to replace the two paintings I sold, etc.). We are looking forward to our second show, but really hope it is a little bit cooler!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hawk Sitting on my House (with breakfast)

We were pulling out of our garage to go for our walk and I looked up at our roof and saw this hawk sitting there on our roof with something furry and lumpish by his feet that I thought may be his breakfast. (Yes, this is as good as my zoom gets.) I just really hoped that he took breakfast with him when he left because I couldn't imagine having it roll off my roof and be sitting in my driveway or worse, on my back patio, or the absolute worst would be having to go up after it. I was relieved when we came home and there was no sign of any remains.

Bird Nest

We found this cute little empty nest on the ground (not near any trees) and I really wanted to pick it up and bring it home with me. I resisted the impulse (but it would have looked great in the wreath on my door...). I did pick it up and examine it and I was so impressed with the mama bird who made it. It was very lightweight, but so durable and looked so soft and comfy. Just the time and effort alone that goes into it makes it impressive. I'm just amazed by nature and by God who made it all and took care of all the minute details. Amazing.

Tomorrow is our first fall show (of two). We've been working hard to get ready for it (although I spent the afternoon lounging in my little pool and now have to finish packing my paintings tonight). I've still been taking pictures, but just now got to the point of downloading some of them because I had to make sure the pictures I took of my new paintings turned out well enough to put in my portfolio. (They did.) My posts may be sporadic for the next few weeks as our second show is Oct. 2nd. How hard I'll have to work on new things depends a lot on how much sells tomorrow. Here's to hoping we'll have to work hard to fill back up! All that to say I'm still here, but have a few other things on my plate for the next few weeks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth

For those of you wondering, no, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I spent a wonderful Labor Day weekend at home with family. Before we left, it was a flurry of packing and cleaning and making cards, etc. for the boxes Mom has at home. Now that I'm back, it's a flurry of cleaning and painting and making things for our booth at a local art show next Saturday. I have lots of pictures I need to post and I hope to get to it. However in the meantime, I wanted you to know I'm still here!