Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Addidas Sandal By the River

I still haven't figured out how someone can lose one shoe while out walking. Do they just walk out of it and keep going? We found this on one of our walks by the river in March (yes, I'm still trying to catch up!).

I think I mentioned to you a week and a half ago that we had to find a new place to walk. We did and we've been walking there for a week and a half now. I'll save the where's until I finish up the pics I need to get on and finish posting stuff we found by the river. I've got to say I'm a little sad about not being able to walk where we usually do. They've got the jogging trail all torn out now. I want them to hurry, but have no idea if they are or not. All I know is that I hope their new design accounts for all the benches that people have donated money for in memory of a loved one in places along the river. I would be so mad if I donated money for a bench in honor of my loved one and it was gone after the renovations.

The garage sale was successful in that I sold a vehicle load of stuff, I donated a vehicle load of stuff to Goodwill, and I brought one vehicle load home. That was a lot of hard work, which would also account for me not getting right back to posting. I did finally finish my special project yesterday, so now I'm back to putting stuff on Etsy and making more stuff for Etsy (and trying to make/get my gifts for Mother's Day so I can mail them next week). I've got to say my garage looks so much better without all that stuff and I feel lighter.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unexpected Project and Garage Sale

Sorry, peeps, that I've been unable to post this week. I thought I'd better let you know what's going on so you know I'm okay! I've just had several projects this week (including an unexpected one from a friend who needed my help with some errands/packets of info/goodie bags), so that took some of my focus as she needed part of it ASAP.

The rest of my focus has went into a garage sale that my cousin and I are having today! Those are a lot of work, but the reward of getting free of a bunch of junk (and getting paid for it) is a beautiful thing! I'll let you know how it goes. It is 4:45 am and I'm awake and need to start getting ready. We've got to try to get set up by 7:30 am because you want to be ready for those people who come early and we'd like them to see what we have rather than just a bunch of un-opened boxes!!! (I'm taking the last of 3 full vehicle loads over there with me.) (Yes, I've had all that extra in my garage for more than a year!)

Gotta go!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Family Walk and the Umbrella is Un-trashed

We went for a family walk the next day and what do you know? Someone must have just had to take the umbrella out of the trash and open it because this is where we found it. Then I had to tell Pooker that yesterday, it had been IN the trash can. Very funny.

Pooker and Bippa just love to climb up on all those dirt "ramps" in the bike area.

They are my cuties (and pose so easily for me to take pictures of). We all enjoy our family walks together.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trashed Umbrella

We saw this umbrella in the trashcan by where we walk when we are out by the river. The can always gets a cursory (sometimes a little more thorough) sniff, so I noticed the umbrella right off. This is as we found it. I have no idea what was wrong with it (and did not take it out to see). I thought it was interesting how it was hooked over the edge of the trashcan and not just thrown in. Was someone coming back for it later or was it just picked up and this was someone's way of saying 'I found your umbrella, let me just put it right here for you'? A little odd, but interesting.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dangling Shoes

I went to meet my cousin for coffee in March (she drinks the coffee and I watch her drink it) and came across these shoes. I periodically see shoes thrown over telephone wires, but have not been in a position to get a picture until now (as these were on the wires right above a parking lot). I like how in the first picture it looks like the vine is reaching out to try to help the shoes. Interesting.

My preshies

Look at these two snuggling--how precious!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family walk on Turkey Mountain and a creepy old wheelchair

We went for a nice family walk on Turkey Mountain. It's always fun to go there and walk, but sometimes it can get crowded on the trails with people, people and their dogs, mountain bikers, and horses.

We went down a trail kind of off the beaten path and ran across this creepy wheelchair in what felt like still air (no movement, no sounds). What's really creepy (besides the wheelchair from the 70's) is that it is in this "circle" of tree limbs/trees. Where I'm taking the picture of is from the only opening into the circle. There was no way I was stepping into the circle, but I did zoom in a little closer on the wheelchair to give you a better look at it. We did not continue on this path, but turned around and went the other way. We had a very nice walk, but could have done so WITHOUT creepy wheelchairs and the pictures to prove it. (Ditto for any lone chairs in any woods. How did they get there and most importantly WHY are they even out there in the first place.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flowers in my yard

Once again, I'm trying to catch you up on a month's worth of pictures!!! (I've been busy--sold another set of bookmarks today (thank you again, Lori!) Be sure to check out our Etsy store to see the 140 items we have on there to sell!) I don't normally show you pictures of dead flowers, but liked how the rose I didn't trim off from last season looked amidst the green leaves that are sprouting this year. And, of course, the pretty purple flower from below is probably only a weed, but it sure is pretty. Weeds can grow some of the cutest little flowers. I don't know why that is, but I like it. These pictures are from mid-March.

Monday, April 13, 2009

We discovered an old dump site

Bip and I walked somewhere we'd never gone before (still by the river) and discovered a place people had used as a dump. I think it must have been early 80's and before from some of the stuff we were seeing there and the fact that a lot of dirt is over the top of most of the stuff. Could have been earlier than that. Why you'd want to dump your stuff near a river is beyond me, but we sure checked it out.

This office chair is a little creepy (no, this isn't the wheelchair yet). This was a little behind where we were in the first picture. If this little "dump" weren't so close to the trail, I would have been a little more creeped out by the office chair in the woods by itself, waiting to be sat in which will probably never happen again.

This is heading back up to the trail from the "dump." I liked these twisting, curling vines with a bit of greenery and wanted to show them to you.

A bit of bad news about our trail--they are "closing" it for who knows how long to make renovations to it (alledgedly a bike trail and a jogging trail side by side). I sure hope it doesn't take them as long as it does when they work on the streets. Again, I have no idea why they would have to close a two mile stretch at one time. I'd think a mile at a time would be enough to work on at once. I don't like being displaced and I wonder what all the other regulars are going to do in the meantime. Aaarggghhh. Well, it hasn't closed yet, so we'll continue our walks by the river as long as we can.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I probably should have taken a picture of the cute Easter cards I sent my Dad, Mom, and Grandma this week, but didn't think about it sooner. (Don't worry--I have others just like them I could take a picture of to show you.) I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter.

We went to a wonderful, illustrated Easter service tonight. Before it started, I wondered why I do that to myself year after year. It's hard (for me) to re-live what Jesus went through. To see him whipped, mocked, jeered, crucified and all the while sticking to his plan is really amazing. He'd let nothing deter him from us. I couldn't have done it (and that's what I tell him as I'm watching "him" get whipped). I'm glad he did do it.

Tonight, I really emphasized with Peter. I wish I could say I was like a Peter, but of all Jesus' disciples, I'm probably most like Thomas striving to be like Peter. (Same thing with Mary and Martha--I wish I was a Mary sitting at Jesus' feet, but I like to make sure everyone is taken care of so I would have been slaving away in the kitchen wishing I could be out sitting at Jesus' feet and resenting Mary a bit. But hey, everyone wants to eat, though, right? Someone's got to cook the food.) Peter just loves Jesus. He met him when he was just working at his job, fishing, and he was never the same again. Jesus told all the disciples many times exactly what was going to happen to him, but when it actually happened, it seemed so unbelievable to them. He had a way of talking that was so direct and straightforward, yet so profound and so riddle like. Peter just didn't get it. None of them did. They didn't understand when he went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and asked them to pray with him, but they fell asleep. They had no idea what was going on and no inkling of things to come, despite Jesus having told them. And Peter was so striken when he denied Jesus those three times and realized what he had done. And then they took Jesus and crucified him and there was Peter, devastated because of what he had done and because Jesus was gone. What a dark few days for them until they found out the tomb was empty. When they went rushing to see and indeed, found it empty, then in a burst of light Jesus appears. Peter grabs Jesus in a massive bear hug and just squeezes him so tight. Jesus motions to Peter to go tell the others he is alive and Peter starts to run off to do it, then abruptly turns around and runs full on at Jesus and grabs him again in an exuberant hug and lifts him right off his feet. He finally sets him down and runs off to tell the others. Peter just goes full tilt. And on Peter, the rock, Jesus built the church. Amazing.

It's the same with others--Lazarus, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman caught in the act of adultery, the leper. Seems like anyone who had looked at Jesus, who had Jesus look at them, speak to them, or touch them in any way, was never the same. I think when he looked at them, they could see it in his eyes. His eyes must radiate such intense love, power, and assurance that they couldn't help but be changed by him. I think it is the same today. Anyone who has encountered Jesus, has had divine intervention, who has been overwhelmed by his love and his goodness and his graciousness, who has truly seen him, isn't the same. I've encountered Jesus and I'm not the same. If you haven't encountered Jesus yet, just wait. He knows where you are and he cares about you. I have a feeling when you look in his eyes, you won't be the same either.

So, on this Easter Sunday, I wish I could say you'll find me out with a palm branch in the street laughing, dancing, singing, crying, and shouting "Hosanna in the Highest." That would, of course, all hinge on Jesus riding down my street on a donkey and the availability of a palm branch. I have a feeling, though, if Jesus were to ride down my street, I'd be in a pile wherever I fell totally overwhelmed by his presence with tears streaming down my face unable to speak a word. But in my heart, I'd be dancing, singing, and shouting "Hosanna!"

A little snooze

Here's my cutie resting a little bit on the couch. She doesn't often lay with her feet in the air, but something about this couch invites you to sink on down in it and wallow around a bit. It's a very comforting couch.

Bookmarks and more

Here is what I've spent the majority of my time on this week. They are a lot of fun to make and I really enjoy it. Since I've got them spread out all over my kitchen table and a folding table near the kitchen table, I kind of have to focus on "paper" crafts when I have it all out. (It's a lot of stuff to take out and put back up.)

I've got to get to some more baby blankets, paintings, and tote bags, but we've also got to take advantage of being outside on the nice days and trying to take care of things around the house. It will all get done, but not in a day. And that's okay. Unfortunately, then I neglect you peeps a little bit for the sake of my craft and much needed time in the sun. But that's okay, too. I know you'll forgive me when you finally get to see all the great pics/stories I've been saving up (one involving a creepy wheelchair). (Oh, and a red fox.) Feel free to remind me about them if you haven't seen/read about either within the next two weeks.

Pooker made it back safely (complete with a magnet for me from New York to add to my "happy place" magnet collection). We've had an Etsy sale this week (bringing the total number of sales off Etsy to 12), a basket of our stuff in a teacher's lounge which has been really selling (which also resulted in a few more sales thanks to our new fan, Lisa, and thanks to Nee's friend who kindly took the basket in in the first place), and a sale in Mardel's while I was laminating my bookmarks (thank you, Lori, who bought 26 bookmarks from me right then and there). It has been a busy, but fulfilling, week.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Geese in the water and Pooker in New York

Honestly, the geese just never left. They've been here since last spring and they just stayed. Personally, I thought it was a good sign that meant it wouldn't be too terrible of a winter and it really wasn't (except for the 24" of snow my parents got last weekend). I'm fascinated with watching them, especially when they are swimming around. That's probably because I love movement and I'm in awe of how wonderfully complex God made animals (and us).

On a side note (seeing how the geese all hang out together), Bippa and I are missing Pooker who is in New York on business (which is none of your business) (whaat? have you never seen the movie Clue?). He'll only be gone one night, but he is loved and missed. We're waiting for a phone call (probably after he gets back to his hotel after eating supper in Hell's Kitchen (not the TV show's Hell's Kitchen). In the meantime, I'm working on making some cards and updating this blog and am perched over my keyboard manning our store waiting for the next sale. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shadow Paw

I really love paws (and of course, tails). I liked how Brownie had hers crossed and the shadow they were making on the floor (looked like a monster paw). This really is a primo spot for a little nap.

OSU Football in the sand

We found this outside by the river on one of our walks. No, it's not our football and no, I didn't touch it at all. This is exactly how we found it (and left it).

Friday, April 3, 2009

A tree is doown

It's really kind of sad, but this tree (and others like it) have simply fallen right off the edge of the river due to the large amounts of rain we've gotten at one time. There are places where along with the trees, the path has also disappeared. This has all happened within the past year. It's just wrong somehow to have this big, majestic tree with all its roots exposed, laying there dying. Once again, the circle of life rears its head and I have to flow gracefully along with it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beautiful Purply Spider Mum

This is a beautiful Spider Mum that my cousin gave me for my birthday in February. I kept it in a vase by my sink so I could look at it all the time. Surprisingly, it lasted about a month until I finally had to throw it away last week.