Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pictures of Family

This is the fort that my brother is working on building. So far, only the swings are completed. The fort structure will have a floor (halfway up) with railing around it and a ladder to climb up into it and a big green twisty slide to come down. It will be lots of fun! My Dad pushed my niece and nephew every morning we were home and it put my niece in her "happy pink place" (those were her words and pink is her favorite color).

Here is everyone standing around the tree that my niece's "treasure" was found in (placed there earlier by Dad in a tractor bucket (driven by my brother who lifted him up to place it as high as he could--they had to get it down with the "snake grabber" (long aluminum stick with a grabber on the end)).

Here is Brynna showing Grandad (my Grandad, her great-grandad) her treasure she had found.

And here we all are around the hole where my nephew is digging to find his treasure. (Yes, it was quite an exciting event. I only wished there was some treasure around that I could dig up.)

My little family--Pooker, Brownie, and I. It is always so fun to be home, but can be pretty busy, too!

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