Friday, June 19, 2009

Musky cologne, dramatic movies, and why I haven't blogged sooner

I'm sitting outside on my patio on a blanket, finally enjoying some cooler weather as night is falling and the crickets are singing. I was laying down and watching the clouds drift by when I smelled it again and I knew I needed to share this moment. It's actually wafting from our neighbor's open window, if you can believe it. That's how strong it is. It's hard to enjoy the smell of the night with this reaching out for me and embracing my nostrils. It's the smell of a man's musky cologne. Now I'm not one to tell someone how much cologne they should or should not use, but I question if this may be a little much if I'm outside their house and am a good fifteen feet away from the open window. We are separated by a screen and a picket fence. If it were actually a good smelling cologne, I probably would enjoy it. This one's just simply a bit too musky for me. Let me try to put my finger, er nose, to the undernotes and see if I can give you anything else to go on besides musky. Give me a minute. Maybe some berganot? Some rotten sandalwood? It may actually smell pleasant if it just weren't so strong. And maybe either of those shouldn't be mixed with musk. Then I want to question what type of musk. Muskrat? Musky doe? Musk of ox? Not sure.

I suppose I may also owe you an explanation for my month and a half absence from blogging. It was kind of a combination of things for me starting with the fact that the pleasure of doing was almost overriden by my obsessive need to post almost daily. While that is something I'd like to do, it can get to be a burden rather than a blessing and then it's time to stop for a bit and return. I was also having to take care of a lot of housework I'd put off to get my Etsy store up and running (20 sales so far!!) and I spent a lot of time cleaning it and getting ready to go on our family vacation to New Mexico for my parent's 40th anniversary (lots of fun, although tiring as I seemed to always be getting up much earlier than you should get up on vacation) (would like to share it with you, but I also have lots of other things that happened in between to share as well, but it will probably just have to be when I get around to it as I'm not going to push myself and am going to keep my house a bit cleaner and work on some paintings). I was also a little sad and was still dealing with the death of not only my grandad, but my grandma from a year ago. It's hard to lose two so close together, really three within a four year period and to go from having four to having one. I'm slowly adjusting.

There you have it. Thankfully, the cologne smell has slowly abated and now I'm hearing whatever dramatic movie he is watching (can tell it's dramatic from the way the music soars, then crescendos). I just hope it isn't Titanic as I can only watch/listen to that movie so many times because 1) it always ends the same and 2) I'm slightly claustrophobic and when the ship fills up with water it gets a bit hard to breathe and I have to remind myself I'm not underwater with them. One might wish he'd just close the window, but he can't as either their air-conditioner is broken and/or they can't afford to run it. He HAS to have the window open and I sure don't begrudge him whatever air he can get, especially when the temperature has been steadily in the upper 90's and 100's. So keep the musky cologne wafting and the dramatic movies playing!