Saturday, February 28, 2009

My birthday day

We went out to eat lunch at Incredible Pizza for my birthday. I wanted a buffet and it was either there or Golden Corral (I needed mashed potatoes and both of the places make them from scratch). I went with Incredible Pizza because their dessert cookies are so good. You definitely need a good cookie on your birthday! We then went out to the movies to watch Pink Panther 2 with Steve Martin. It was not a laugh a minute, but there were funny parts. Some of my favorite movies are the Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers. Steve is no Peter, but really who could be? I enjoyed it.

I had Pooker set up the tripod when we got home so we could take some pictures of us on my 38th birthday. Brownie was just happy to have us home and wanted to play. She acted like I was just so mean to try to get her over to me to sit there. It was all I could do to at least get her in the picture in front of me.

I know this is not the best picture of us, but why I like it is because you can tell we are really trying to get Brownie to pose with us in front of the camera and it snapped our picture when we weren't quite ready for it. I guess we needed someone behind the camera to try to get Brownie's attention because she just wanted her ball and wanted to play. We never did get a really good picture, but this one makes me smile.

38 and Feeling Great, Book Fair, and Three Etsy Sales

It's been a while since I let you know what was going on. I finally finished up my part-time work right before we went home over Valentine's Day weekend which left me able to do other projects (will get around to posting those pics!). Since we got back, I've been working on putting vintage items to sell in our Etsy store, working on more paintings (had a beautiful day and I painted outside), and making more bookmarks (manlier ones) for a custom request. I also turned 38 and have been celebrating for a week. Funnily enough, I feel as good at 38 as when I turned 28 (will post pictures of our birthdays, too!)

We had three sales in one day at our Etsy store on the 26th! That was exciting. Today was the annual Book Fair we go to (in which we get there between 6:30 and 7:00 am and wait in line until they open at 8:00 am) and I, who don't really start fully functioning until 9:00 am, was chatty Cathy. I found myself talking non-stop to Pooker and dancing around in front of him. I kept up the talking when my sister arrived to wait with us. What can I say? I love books! I did find quite a few that I bought, but not as many this year as Iast year. I buy a few romance, a few mystery, a few fiction, and I look for old books. Not rare books, but books published before the 60's and very inexpensive. (I'll have to run down the titles of some of them for you and the years they were published in another blog.) I just like having them. I don't get just any one, especially if the title isn't that great (just in case anyone gets any ideas). I got one today published in the 1920's. I think the earliest one I have was published in the 1910's. There's just something really neat about owning something that old. I also like how they look on my shelf. Guess I should take a picture to show you what I mean. Maybe I'll do that when I blog about them. That would give you something to look forward to! I'll have to squeeze that in after I get my house cleaned and straightened back up from all the creating I've done.

We had a wonderful birthday lunch with our cousins at Bellacino's after the Book Fair to celebrate our birthdays (Pooker's was earlier this month, mine was the 21st, and Nee's is the middle of March). After lunch, they headed to the Book Fair (since it would be considerably less crowded than in the morning) and Nee went home so she could load up with her husband and kids and go to the farm for a week to help out. Pooker and I came home where he dragged his box of books in and proceeded to take a nap. I dragged mine in and lovingly pulled them out and lined them up to admire them. I wanted to nap, but knew I probably would just rather get to sleep early than nap and stay up late. In fact, Brownie is already in bed.

We had beautiful weather earlier this week, then today it was cool and cloudy. It may remain cool for the next few days, but the forecast for Thursday is 80 degrees! I guess that might make this next weekend the perfect weekend for a garage sale. If that is the case, I've got lots of stuff to do this week besides what I already mentioned. We'll see.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Colorful Berries

These berries have provided some of the only spots of color that we have seen on our walks this winter.

Five Blackhawks

As I neared the intersection while I was driving, I saw five Blackhawk helicopters flying over the mountain. I was frantically grabbing for my camera to get a picture, but I only managed to get the tail end of them (three that you can barely see). Thankfully, the light was red so I was at least able to get this picture. I'm not even sure if these are really called Blackhawks or not, but it was the word that popped into my head (and these looked like the choppers I saw in the movie "Blackhawk Down") .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Violet Photo Shoot

I was plucking off the withered flowers from my African violets and accidentally pulled off these living flowers. I was a little miffed because they are whitish (when this plant normally grows purple and white flowers). I put the flowers on the windowsill to enjoy while I could. Then I started thinking maybe I'd better get a picture of them, so I did.

Then, I thought it would be neat to hold them and take a picture. I tried various poses and places in my hand, but thought this one turned out the best.

That led to thinking how beautiful they'd look behind Brownie's ear (she was on the couch napping and wouldn't let me put it behind her ear). So, I tucked them in the crook of her paws and took pictures.

That pretty much just left my ear to put the flowers behind, so I did. A successful photo shoot, I think! (I love having a digital camera--still hasn't gotten old after a year!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brownie and I on a couple of walks

Here's Brownie and I on a couple of walks we took recently. I liked our reflection in the building in the first one. In the second one, I like the path Brownie is on and how the scenery looks especially the contrast with the golden grass, the blue of the water, and the darkness of the trees.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brownie and I relaxing

Here's Brownie and I relaxing and watching TV. Anytime there is a blanket or a towel or whatever spread out anywhere, that is where she will sit or lay. I love having her curled up in the bend of my knees. She's warm and cuddly and sweet.

We had a good weekend at home in the Panhandle. It was nice and relaxing. We did go see Grandad, but he wasn't very responsive and kept his eyes closed almost the whole time. They said a front had passed through the night before and the weather really affects people with Alzheimer's/Dementia. Other than that, we relaxed, visited, watched a movie together, went on a treasure hunt, and watched the premiere of the Amazing Race (which was so funny watching them try to get the cheese down the hill). I'll post what pictures I took when I get a chance, but I'm trying to get my vintage things on our Etsy store and make more bookmarks (the lady I had my first sale to this week indicated she may want a few more)(a big thank you to the wonderful lady who purchased from me!).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunrise and the end of our Christmas vacation

I guess I didn't take any pictures on December 30th, either, but this is the sunrise on December 31st and Brownie not wanting to get out of the vehicle when we got back to our house after being home for Christmas. I tell you, I had to bribe her with a treat to get her out.

Well, I've finally finished up Christmas. Just in time, too, because we are going home today for the weekend and I won't be posting until next Tuesday! Hope you don't miss my posts too badly (I think you can make it). Happy Valentine's Day, peeps!

Pictures of my hair during sunset

While I was out taking pictures of the sunset, I noticed it was really highlighting my hair and making it glow red and gold. I then proceeded to have a mini photo shoot with myself to capture it. Evidently, I didn't take any other photos on December 29th other than the sunset and these of me.

Sunset 12-29-08

Here is the sunset from home on December 29th. I love how it is highlighting the fence and the grass in the second picture.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our walk yesterday morning

These are from our walk yesterday morning. We had some strong thunderstorms that passed through during the night and dumped a lot of water on us here (thankfully, not the strong winds, hail, or tornadic activity that was possible). All that rain made the leaves seem really vibrant on the path we were walking. In the other direction, this "lake" was in between two jogging trails, complete with male and female mallard ducks out for a swim.

Sunset 12-28-08

A nice, subtle sunset the evening of the 28th. Again, with the cows hanging around watching me taking pictures. This is just really a curious bunch.

Family Rock Hunt on 12-28-08

We went out on December 28th in the afternoon for our family rock hunt. The little ones were armed with buckets. I, too, was carrying a bucket but it was water for Brownie. I had a sack tied around my belt loop for my rocks.

We had a lot of fun. So did Brownie who started enthusiastically licking Pooker. And there comes Brynn with a rock in her hand for Brownie. She thought of it herself and wanted to give it to Brownie because she liked Brownie a lot.

And Brownie was very interested in the rock and played with it, rolling it around with her front paws like she does her tennis ball.

We went to one other rock hunting location before heading home, but it was so full of stickers that I spent my time there pulling stickers out of Brownie's paws (which hurt us both). I finally picked her back up and took her to the pickup to finish picking them all out and we waited in there for everyone to finish. The little kids had their buckets full (and the mothers culled and left the majority of them there). I had quite a sackful myself. I love rock hunting!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mold Bursts

I was cleaning out my fridge and discovered this mold on the macaroni. Now normally I'm not one to find mold interesting, much less take a picture of it. However, there is something quite beautiful about these fine little whitish spikes with green dots on the end. I don't recall ever seeing mold quite like this and thought I needed to share it with you. Who knew mold could be interesting...and strangely beautiful?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tote Bags

This is the pink fleur-de-lis tote bag I made for my sister for Christmas. You can see her modeling it (and smiling--I think she likes it).

These other four are tote bags I've made during the past month and put on our Etsy store to sell. (We had our second and third sales this week! Yeah!)

We finally got to open presents!

We did finally get to open our presents on December 27th! I was past ready (although I tried to hold it together seeing as I'm an adult and all). I was just excited to see everyone open what I'd worked so hard to pick out/make just for them! As you can see from the pictures, with so many people, it can be a madhouse. It also takes quite a while to open as we go around from person to person opening gifts. This is mainly because us girls like to watch everyone open what we worked so hard to pick out/make for everyone. That's more than half the fun!

It was a little hard because Grandad wasn't with us. I looked at Grandma when we were nearing the end of opening and she had tears in her eyes. With this being our first Christmas with Grandad in a nursing home (irreversible dementia), it was sad.

Starting new traditions isn't always easy, but it makes you appreciate what you had and what you have. It's all okay.