Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gorgeous sunset

Wow! What a gorgeous sunset we were treated to on the farm on Saturday night. And yes, I really have only just now finished up with Saturday of Labor Day weekend. A stunning finish to a wonderful day spent with family. I'll finish up tomorrow with our last day spent at home!

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Mudlake Slim said...

The sky wasn't much different here in Michigan. We did have 3 days of cloud-less blue sky in a row and temps were around 80. I remember many Labor days that we had frost. So far I like global warming.

I'm glad you enjoyed the map. It was a real find for me. The county map on the other side of that one I have online shows all the old railroad grades from back in the logging days of the late 1800's.

When I first glanced at the pictures of Brownie the farm dog I thought it was a lion. What a cool dog, looks like lots of personality.