Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Taking shelter from the rain

My sister went with me for an afternoon walk and she took her camera with her as well. She was fascinated by this pile of tires and by this one tire standing alone. Well, you won't see those tires here because they didn't strike me like they did her but I sure wish she'd start a blog so I can see the world through her eyes (she is a very talented photographer--she loves to take black and white photos).

While we were taking pictures, these heavy clouds were rolling overhead and it started raining. I said let's take shelter in the barn and she followed me (I didn't want to relinquish her company since we'd only been out for maybe ten minutes and I didn't think it would rain for long.) So even though my pic above doesn't look as if it is raining, it is!!

Of course, my Bippa was with us! She goes where the action is.

I thought this dented, dirty old milk can was interesting. It made me think of days gone by, things forgotten.

Bip was pretty interested in the calves in the corral and I had to keep convincing her not to climb under and join them because I really didn't want her to step in anything (or roll around in anything) that would have necessitated a bath. (I've had to give her a bath several years ago when she rolled around in fresh cow poo. She'd never seen it before and didn't know what it was. When she doesn't know what something is, she lowers her head and shoulders and simply rolls over it. If you're going to stop her, you've got to be quick when you see the head drop/shoulder roll. It was pretty gross because I didn't have gloves or anything and I was having to stick my hands in her poo filled fur and..... Let's just say I really don't want to repeat the experience.)

We'd probably only been in the barn for ten minutes and I said, "Don't worry, I think it's almost done." The second after I said "done," it stopped like someone just turned off the faucet. We looked at each other and I thought, "Well now." We left the barn and continued on our walk.

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