Monday, September 29, 2008

OSU vs Troy 9-27-08

My parents are OSU alumni (I was born while they were in college), so we've grown up attending the football games (which has always been a lot of fun). They get four tickets now and we're invited to go with them a couple times per season. This game, it was my sister, Dad, Pooker, and I. (If you'll notice the little, empty section behind Pistol Pete you'll see that this is the section of Troy fans.)

Their tickets are right on the 20 yard line. There is only one row of people in front of us. However, with the renovations to the stadium, it seems like they have packed the seats in even tighter this year and you really end up with lots of sweaty parts touching whoever you are sitting next to (family or stranger). They had a record breaking number of people in attendance at this game, and boy, did I feel every one of them (I am slightly claustrophobic.)

It is always nice when the action is closer to our end of the field, but from the second row of the 20 yard line, one really can't complain.

Before the plays, the team looks to the two coaches and two players with headsets who are calling the plays. Only one of them is calling the true play, but one of the highlights of my being at the game is watching the play callers flap their arms and do all these crazy signals. Quite fascinating and actually quite beautiful, too.

You'll probably notice a lot of the pictures of plays that I took had to be before they were nearing a touchdown, because when everyone jumps up, there would be no way I could get a picture of it. I contented myself with snapping pictures while everyone in front of me was seated.

My sister and my Dad

My sister

My sister and I

My sister checking the roster to follow the players.

You'll notice the nice, new west end zone with the sky boxes still in the process of being finished inside. Last year, no one could sit in the west end zone at all, so to be this far along is great! The new stadium is pretty amazing. The bathrooms were even nice (and you know how public restrooms at stadiums can be).

This is the guy who was timing the television commercials. I watched him as much as I watched the play callers and snapped random pictures.

The guy in black is the main play caller I like to watch (again, don't know whose plays were the official plays), but this guy is so fluid and graceful with his motions. They had many movements I liked, but I was struck by the one that looked like he was smoking weed. What kind of play would that be for?

This gives you an idea of the row in front of us and my view of the field and stadium. They only thing they didn't do this time that they have done a lot in the past is the wave (all the fans standing in a "wave" around the stadium). I guess since OSU was winning pretty easily, they didn't feel the need to rally. Neither did they feel the need to have one side of the stadium shout "Orange" and the other side shoult "Power." It's a lot less tense of a game when they are clearly winning, which is nice. Then you don't have to spend the walk back to your car trying to release the tension from between your shoulder blades. We sure had a lot of fun and look forward to going to the next game!

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