Saturday, September 13, 2008

My little yellow flower

This little yellow flower is growing in a pot in my backyard. I leave the pots out there year round and whatever comes up the next year is what is in the pot. This little yellow flower just came up in the past few days. It must have finally gottten cool enough that it was able to grow. It's beautiful.

We have been getting rain for the past few days from the hurricanes and Ike's rain has hit us last night and this afternoon. It is sticky and humid between rains, so not too pleasant to get out and around but it hasn't been too much rain at one time (which is good). It is a relief from the heat, but it has just brought it's own sticky humidity instead of a cool, crisp rain. The forecast is for more rain through tomorrow, then sunny the rest of the week. I hope that holds as my art show is next Saturday and I need a good, not hot, not rainy day so lots of people will come out and look around (and buy a painting or two or three).

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