Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm back again! We got back late Wednesday afternoon. I was so tired that I wasn't even able to stay up to welcome in the New Year. I haven't gotten the pictures off my camera yet (but I do have people in my pictures from this trip!). When I download them, I will get them posted (although I may need to post the rest of the leaf pictures from last year first!).

I'm still tired (haven't seemed to catch up on my sleep yet), so this won't be a long post. I need to shower and get ready (admittedly my first shower in several days) because Pooker and I are going out so he can spend some of his Christmas money. Not sure what he is looking for, but I'll keep my eyes open for a pair of furry boots. Not overly furry, just the cozy and warm type of furry. If I don't find any, no problem! My sister and I are going out shopping on Tuesday so I don't have to jump on the first pair of furry boots I see (not literally).

Anyway, hope your Christmas was filled with beautiful things and that your New Year will be too!

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