Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mailings, gift tags, and morning walks

I got hit this week with several things at once. I was finishing up a 358 piece mailing for my part time work when yesterday I got asked to do another mailing with at least 207 pieces. Those take some time to do! Plus, I've still been working on getting the things I have made on Etsy and trying to take care of odds and ends around the house. Whew. It's been a busy few days. Posting, unfortunately, was further down on my list since the mailings are pretty time sensitive.

To relax a bit between all the work, I sit down and make more of my gift tags. I thought these "happy birthday" ones were really pretty. I did them on a variety of colorful cardstock and put two sets of them on Etsy to see how they sell. I really love making gift tags, especially making something useful out of odds and ends.

I need to get ready to go for our morning walk so we can squeeze it in between all the other things. Looks like it is 18 degrees outside with the high of 30 today with lots of sunshine and light winds. Should be a beautiful 30 degrees (I hope).

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