Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sand Art

Honestly, I just love this "sand art" left by the flow of the water in the river. There's something so beautiful about them, how they go this way and that. I also like how the sun is reflecting on them and highlighting the tops of the ridges. (Taken on our walk by the river two weeks ago.)

I don't know why I didn't mention this sooner (probably because I'm still focusing on getting my paintings on Etsy--we're up to 54 items!), but we've been in an ice storm. It started on Monday and continued through yesterday evening. Then today, was cold but sunny. Even though it didn't get warmer than 30 degrees, the sun was out in full force and was able to melt some of the snow and ice. It should be in the 40's tomorrow, so hopefully that will take care of the last of the ice (especially since they said it will get back down in the teens tonight). All in all, not as bad here as expected for which I am thankful. I suspect for most of us here, we still haven't quite gotten over the bad ice storm last year in January that left over 250,000 (out of 382,000) without power, some for almost the full two weeks it lasted. Talk about cabin fever. Not so this time and I have hopes of actually being able to leave my house tomorrow. Probably could have today, but I don't like driving on ice especially if I don't really have to.

(And I suppose I could have taken pictures of it to show you, but again, I'm pretty focused on our store at the moment and haven't been thinking about much else. Instead, you get pictures of beautiful sand art!)

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