Thursday, January 15, 2009

Painting Outside

I like to paint outside when it is nice. Of course, it takes a lot of work to lug everything out and back in. And it isn't wise to paint outside when it is too windy as whatever is floating in the wind could end up in your painting (dust? pet hair? human hair? gnats? flies? who knows?) (unless you want those types of things in your paintings to make a statement).

Believe it or not, this picture was taken (by Pooker) on November 16th! The next Sunday was beautiful as well, so I was able to paint outside two Sunday's in a row. These were the days I used the leftover paint Mom gave me when she got done painting her toy room. I still haven't used it all yet, but am waiting for another nice day. I thought I had one over the weekend, but there was a little too much wind. And today is frigid (18 degrees with a biting cold wind). I've stayed inside as much as possible because that is just too cold for me! It is supposed to warm up again next week and if I'm not still involved with my part-time work and errands and it is beautiful and sunny with no wind, then I just may get to paint outside for a bit.

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