Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mailings, Gift Tags, and Paintings

Yikes, it's been a week since I've posted. That second mailing turned out to be over 500 pieces and I had to do it all last Friday. I realized after I was done (and had gotten them all in the mail) that I was really tense through my neck and shoulders. It took a couple of days to work that out.

I was also working on gift tags for my mama and a painting for my Grandad's room and an item for Dad and Mom to take to the Soil Conservation District's auction at the end of next month. Mom was in town on Wednesday, so I was working hard to have all that ready so she could take it home with her.

I'd say in the past couple of weeks I've made over 300 gift tags (which I really enjoy making). On Sunday, I sat outside and painted Grandad's painting and the item I'd thought would be great for the auction. I'd been thinking what should I do for the auction and the rocks I'd picked up from home during Christmas and our family rock hunt (I do have pictures I'll show you from it!) came to my mind (seeing that the people on the soil conservation district board would naturally like nature and possibly rocks!). I also thought I'd call them "Oklahoma Rocks!" in that they are rocks and Oklahoma is a great state. I sorted through my rocks and selected the largest one, which seemed to be begging for a flowery landscape. That's what I painted on it.

I'd told Mom my idea to paint a rock for the auction and she said, "Oh, okay... Maybe you could paint one with a lot of different colors and call it a psychedelic rock." I could tell she had no idea what I really was going to do when I painted a rock. I think she thought I'd paint the rocks straight colors, like kids do, and it wouldn't be something that would be appropriate for the auction. I took pictures of it when I was done and e-mailed them to her. She called later and the first words she said were, "I love it! It is beautiful!" They decided they did want the rock for auction. I really think someone will love it and buy it. It's different, unique, and it is beautiful (if I also say so myself).

So, now I'll show you Grandad's painting and the rock painting so you can see what's been keeping me so busy that I've neglected to post for you.

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