Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Well, that was the last of the paintings I painted in 2008 (I'm not sure that I actually posted every painting I painted this year--I think I didn't start posting them until the summer because I didn't know if that would be something that would be interesting on a blog or not--I decided of course they belong on my blog, interesting or not).

I think the last of the pictures I took in Nov. are scenery and bunches of beautiful leaves (which I'll now have to post after Christmas). I really haven't taken many pictures in December, probably because where we are walking now is not that interesting, nor are there many bright, beautiful colors to grab my attention. Plus, with the frigid cold, there's no way I want to pull my hand out of my glove and fumble around with the camera (especially with no happy spots of color). I need my bright happy spots of color. The winter with its bare leaves and dead grass doesn't hold much beauty for me. My soul goes into hibernation along with the animals, the leaves, the grass, the flowers, and comes alive again with the spring! (I could not make it living in Alaska.)

Anyhoo, just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We'll be at home for Christmas and I'll be visiting, playing, and helping in the kitchen so you'll have to find some way to live the next few days without a new post from me. I'll be back to posting next week and hopefully with some lovely shots from our time together (will try to get more people in these shots as the people I'm with are very important to me!).

If this happens to be my last post for 2008, then I want to leave you with a blessing (always a blessing): May His love heal your heart, His grace see you through each day, His peace lift your burdens, His arms enfold you to hold you close, and may 2009 be a year of great blessings in every area of your life.

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