Monday, January 26, 2009

Miscellaneous Trees

I've got these miscellaneous trees to show you. In this top one, I loved the color of the sky contrasting with the darkness and starkness of the tree and the different colors of trees in the background on the "mountain" across the river.

This second picture, while a little dark, still shows the trees changing colors.

I just liked this little faded blue wall in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't help but wonder what used to be there that time has obliterated and covered over.

And this odd tangle of branches is simply trees whose branches grow downward and this is really what they look like. I wouldn't have known that was what this is except for the fact that my parents have a tree like this (quite a bit younger than these). I kept wondering why it looked so sad and didn't seem to be growing (upwards) and they said that is how the tree is. Then I realized I'd seen others like it here and this is what a little grouping of them look like in the fall/winter.

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