Thursday, January 8, 2009

Have a ball

I know it isn't unusual to find golf balls outside, but I like taking pictures when we run across them. It isn't like we are at a golf course--we're in the park. The ones that are whole, I pick up and take home with me so I can put them in Pooker's golf bag (not that he golfs much, but he does have some old clubs and a new bag). I leave the broken ones for someone else to discover.

Me, I'd be afraid to golf in the park. Sure, I'd putt in the park, but not rear back and swing the club at the ball as hard as I could (which is what these guys are out there doing). I wonder if they are concerned about hitting someone (or something or a car or an animal) or if they are just that good. Maybe they really are just that good. Still, I'm not totally sure that a park is the best place to practice your swing but I can see that the appeal would be that it is free. And honestly, some of the best things in life really are free. (Like me being able to get free golf balls for Pooker!)

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