Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All work and little play

Well, I still haven't downloaded all my photos from Christmas but it is okay as I have a few odds and ends to show you to finish off last year. Plus, I've (we've) been working hard on getting items in our Etsy shop (continue to check it out as we've only just begun to get our stuff on there--it takes a while). Although we haven't had a sale as of yet, we do have people who love some of our items and some who have marked our shop as a favorite! That's pretty encouraging!

I've been working on getting the house cleaned up today and trying to get caught up with my part-time job. I've got lots of projects I need to work on, but have got to finish both the aforementioned things before I can immerse myself in fun.

Brownie and I have been continuing on our walks, but we usually drive to where we are going to start walking and then walk from there. I just don't feel comfortable walking out the front door and heading down the street as I'm still not sure those dogs who attacked us have been picked up yet. I'm not going to take a chance. Besides, there just isn't that much to take pictures of at the moment (although I do carry my camera just in case).

My Grandad is not doing well and he is (and has been) weighing on my heart. To see and hear of him doing and saying ugly things is so not Grandad. Dementia and Alzheimer's both (not that he has both, but both those diseases in general) rob the person and their loved ones of so much. It breaks my heart. I'm needing to put these feelings to paint so I can express them and get them out. I've really got several things to paint, but have to wait until I get my art room cleared up. I'm currently working on gift tags and those tend to be spread all over. The room isn't big enough to do both.

It was such a beautiful day today--sunny and warm with a light breeze, just enough to keep it from being too hot. No wonder the geese haven't left town yet.

Just wanted to update you on where I'm at, in case you've been missing my almost daily posts. Never fear, I'm still here! I'll get caught up with all this and be back to posting more frequently before you know it!

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