Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our booth at the Rejoice Craft Fair 10/25/08

Here is our booth at the Rejoice Craft Fair on October 25th. This is the last show we had our booth at this year. I did sell lots of gift tags and a Barbie sized pillow at this one for a total of $12.50 minus the $2.50 it cost me for lunch (not counting my sweet sister had taken care of the booth fee, otherwise I'd have been in the hole for sure on this one). I'm still not sure why our stuff didn't sell better. We've got lots of great, reasonably priced, interesting things. All I can tell you is what was really walking out that door were these Christmas wreaths and Christmas greenery arrangements for a table top. We had scouted things out before the fair started so we know those pups were selling for $40 each. The people that bought them walked out with at least one, and sometimes two, three, and four! So I know it wasn't for a lack of money or people not wanting to spend money in this economy.

At any rate, making my own wreath (and the apparent popularity of wreaths) made me think I could do some to sell but then I wondered where I'd store them to make them (I have a limited amount of space), then where I'd store them until they sold, then what I'd do for a full year with ones that didn't sell. No, I don't think I can get into selling wreaths this year. And no, I don't think we'll do this show again next year. I can't say for sure we won't because they may catch us at a weak moment next year and we'd do it again.

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