Thursday, December 11, 2008

Backwoods Wine & Cheese Party Door Prizes

Backwoods is a wonderful outdoor adventure store near us. Every year, they have a wine and cheese party and drawings for great door prizes. It's always a lot of fun to eat and look around and see what they have. We were each given a ticket when we went in for the drawings for the door prizes and I put it carefully in my pocket so I'd be ready. Meanwhile, we ate cheese and crackers and veggies with dip and some nuts. We had Cokes to drink, not because I have anything against wine, but because the taste of alcohol reminds me of the hairspray I used in the 80's (by the case load) and just makes me gag (although I have no problem using wine to cook with). (I'll have to show you a picture sometime of my 80's hair and you'll understand.)

The time came for the drawing and I situated myself very close so I'd be ready to get my prize. They gave away scarves, gloves, socks, water bottles, and some wine topper extender things (that I didn't want because I don't plan to take any wine into the wilderness and it would be useless to me). I figured Pooker's number was either one up or one down from mine, so imagine my surprise when they called #310 and he pops up from around the corner and goes forward to claim his prize. They put it in a bag and gave him the bag. He walked over to me and gave me the bag and asked me what he'd won. I told him a ladies size medium shirt. He kind of frowned at me then disappeared around the corner again. I consider myself a size large shirt, but thought I could work a medium seeing it was free and all.

I continued to stand there with the medium shirt in the bag tucked under one arm and my ticket clutched firmly in the other waiting for my number to be called. They announced they were giving away a pair of ladies boots, size 8 1/2 and I was chanting "Please call my number, please call my number" as I am a size 8 1/2!!! I really wanted those boots. They didn't call my number and a man came forward to claim the prize.

After the round of prizes, they announced they'd be drawing again in forty-five minutes. Pooker told me he was ready to go, but I wasn't as I knew my number would be called and wanted to be there to get my prize. He agreed to wait and the next round of drawings found me back in the same place, waiting for my number to be called. More scarves, socks, gloves, coffee, wine extenders, and water bottles. Then they said they had a pair of glove liners and called ticket #314. That was me! I happily went forward to get my glove liners. Pooker bumped my knuckles in congratulations and we made our way to the door to leave.

We got home and I put on my shirt and my new gloves. Love 'em! The shirt is for layering and you can pull the sleeve down over the hand a bit and there is a hole for your thumb on each sleeve (to keep your sleeves from riding up--Fun!). I just love parties with food and door prizes!!

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