Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanksgiving pics

Well, what can I say. These are my pictures from Thanksgiving at home on the farm. It doesn't appear that I took any of people inside (or many people at all for that matter). I'm not sure if it was because I was busy with food prep (still could have gotten my camera out and taken a picture) or if we had people missing (which we did) or if it was because I didn't really want to have pictures of people at Thanksgiving. Not because I didn't want them, but maybe I didn't want pictures where we looked a little sad. Not that Thanksgiving wasn't wonderful and warm and relaxing, but it was the first in where we start new traditions and some of our losses have left little holes in our hearts. Maybe I was afraid those little holes would show up in the pictures. At any rate, I'll try to do better at Christmas. That way if you happen to notice the little holes at least you'll know why they are there.

And now, about the above picture. Those are now my faucets. I've got plans for them involving paint. It's just that I had no room to get them back to my house and no room to store them at the moment. Maybe this project will have to be when we go home for a nice long weekend when it is warmer and I can take care of them there.

Here is Brownie in her new purple sweatshirt. Some of the mornings were downright chilly for a city dog used to mainly being indoors. I know she's okay when she's moving around, but it was the fact that I can't be outside with her all the time (refer to my help with meal prep) and it makes my heart sad to see a little girl shivering on the porch. The sweatshirt at least helped with the shivering, but didn't stop the doe eyes from pleading with me to come outside and play with her. (Be assured, we played and walked and sniffed a lot. She loves going to her Nana and Papa's.)

This faucet was put in when I was four. It was covered with a thin sheen of ice that was melting off when I ran across it. I just love the bright orangey/rusty/reddish tint and the shape of it. It won't be joining my pile of faucets as it hasn't been having any problems, therefore it doesn't need to be replaced.

A lovely rusty wheel, complete with axle. Again, the shape and colors drew me in.

Dad put this bale here at the entrance to the driveway to welcome us home with "Howdy Partners" on it. (I think this is the bale from earlier this year that has "Ooops" painted on the end of it meaning the baler went crazy and this one is full of the string that is used to make the hay stay in a bale.)

My brother and brother-in-law working on putting in not only a new faucet (the old one joined my pile), but in digging holes for new posts for this corral. (This is the only pic I took with any of my peeps in it! As you can no doubt tell, all my pictures seemed to focus on things outside.)

There you have it. My Thanksgiving without pictures of food, hardly any of family, but with faucets and tales of meal prep and beautiful little dogs in purple sweatshirts.

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