Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fall trees

The trees sure were beautiful as they changed colors. I never really found ones that would make a really great picture, but this yellow/green one was kind of glowing with the morning sun and I liked it because this shows you the trees by where we walk and what we were seeing.

Unfortunately, we haven't been for a walk this way for nearly three weeks now. Brownie and I were attacked by two stray yellow labs as we were walking home on Oct. 17th. It was a strange and vicious thing and the attack plays in slow motion in my mind. I was scrambling to get them off her and she was trying to fight them off me. I yelled "Help" and as suddenly as it began, it ended. We were both scared and shaking. She had some punctures and cuts that were bleeding, so I took her for the vet for help (with tears streaming down my face--I hadn't known the stray dogs were vicious, merely thought they were someone's pets who had momentarily escaped their fences). I feel differently now. Especially since it took me more than four calls to animal control to see if they couldn't get them picked up. Even today, I have no idea if they've been picked up or not. I'll know they haven't been only when I see them again and that wouldn't be good as it could mean we were out for our walk.

Brownie and I are both fine. Her cuts healed. I only had a large bruise. We were protected (although it didn't feel like that during the struggle, but it truly could have been so much worse). I have no idea what mushrooms, leaves, etc. we're missing by not being able to walk where we always do but I'm not able to chance it anymore. I'm having to drive to other places to walk and I'm not seeing lots of things that caught my eye like in this two mile area between my house and here. No beautiful mushrooms. No caterpillars. No lovely leaves. Perhaps the season is over for mushrooms and caterpillars. But I should be seeing some striking leaves unless by now they are all just dull yellow and brown. No more reds and greens and golds and oranges. Pooh pooh. There is something so sad about a naked tree.

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