Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back! I got back Sunday night, but haven't posted because I thought I'd download my Thanksgiving pictures and get them on here before I started trying to get caught up again. That hasn't happened (and Pooker is working from home today so I can't get to the computer with my Adobe Photoshop on it, so looks like it won't be today either).

I couldn't leave you wondering if I'd made it back or not, so here I am! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed being with my family. Even though we always have a lot going on, the time was really relaxing and enjoyable. Pooker also had a good time with his peeps and made it back to us on Sunday night. He was later than he'd planned on being because he got stuck behind a bad accident that had them sitting there for an hour and a half. We were sure glad to hear the garage door open and get to see Pooker for the first time in six days!

Unfortunately, Grandad isn't doing well. I went with Grandma to visit him in the nursing home and they'd had to give him medication to make him stop being aggressive and it basically almost knocks him out (it would have totally knocked him out, but they'd given him a half dose). He could hardly keep his eyes open and he wasn't really there most of the time. You know he is in there, but something has happened to his mind and unless we get a miracle (which can happen), this is as good as it gets. It was sad. When we arrived, he was laying in his close to the ground bed shaking. I held it together until Grandma was shaving him. At that point, I cried because I was seeing true devotion. Grandad was sitting in his chair and had managed to open an eye and had it focused on her as she was three inches away from him running the electric razor over his face and saying, "I love you, hon. I love you, Delvin." When she was finished, she kissed him. We weren't able to visit with him. My brother and his wife came a little later and when we left, I asked him if this was a bad day and he said he'd seen worse. I can't imagine worse. I've left out a lot because sometimes being in that condition in a nursing home takes the dignity out of your life and I want to leave my Grandad with as much dignity as I can.

Well, let me post you a picture or two. They won't be from Thanksgiving yet, but I'll get back to trying to catch up in the meantime.

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