Friday, December 5, 2008

Nail polish and a book left on a bench

Truly, this is exactly how I found these items as Brownie and went for our walk on the trail by the river. It had rained during the night so I think they had been left there the previous day as the book is slightly warped and rain damaged. I know because I moved the nail polish and opened the book to see if anyone's name was written in it. No one's name was there and the first few pages were stained green from the ink on the cover running. I wrote down the title of the book on a napkin in my hip pack so I could let you know what it was. I just searched my pack for the napkin and I must have used it sometime in the past month to blow my nose. The title had something to do with God in it and the author's first name was Margarett (I could be wrong about the two t's). This would have been a much better story if I could have remembered the title! At least I didn't have to blow my nose on my sleeve....

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