Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

I wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sorry to say I (probably) won't be posting over the next five days as I'll be at home with my family and I want to spend as much time with them as I can rather than spending time on the computer. I know this may leave some of you feeling bereft and desperately missing my blog, but I'll be back soon!

On a side note, I am nearing getting caught up with events/pictures from October (now that November is nearing the end). I had hopes of at least getting through October, but I had to put that aside to work on some Christmas gifts as I wanted to take as many as I could home with me now so our vehicle isn't so crowded at Christmas. Incidentally, a lot of my gifts were handmade (no one need worry about getting a Barbie sized bedspread) and took some time to complete (which is why I'm still not totally done with gifts, just mostly done). We'll decorate the house and put up the tree while we are at home. It truly will be beginning to look a lot like Christmas (hopefully without the snow, though--I'm just not a big fan of snow--too cold for me!).

A shout out to Pooker and his peeps. He went to be with his family this Thanksgiving (and who I miss and have called at least four times today (in my defense, he was driving all day and I thought it might help break up his drive and I could somehow be a part of his trip)). I am going home (with Brownie who has stuck close to me all day so she doesn't get left here by herself) to see my family, especially to get a visit in with Grandad who, according to doctors, is in stage six (of seven) of dementia. He was fine before surgery in September and now he is in stage six of dementia and had to be put in a nursing home on Friday because they cannot regulate his medication and he isn't able to function normally. Bizarre. That would describe this whole roller coaster (which I want off of). I'm hoping he recognizes me and we can visit and I can tell him how much I love him and he can tell me how much he loves me. I hope I'm not too late (not too late in that I put off telling him I loved him--I always told him that and he told me he loved me, too). I mean I hope I'm not too late to say that one more time and be told that in return. That's all we want, isn't it? Just one more time.

So, with all that, this Thanksgiving I'm just thankful for everything--God, my family, friends, Brownie, health, life in general. Just to be alive, to have one more day of possibilities, to sit in the sun and stroke Brownie's beautiful fur, to create, to love. May you, too, see the many things you have to be thankful for and all the possibilities that are open to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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