Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I think I'm back.....

Okay, peeps, I think I'm back. Sorry that it took me longer than I thought. I worked on getting my house cleaned up last week and I'm working on getting my part-time job done this week. I didn't download all the pictures from my camera until yesterday.

Those really aren't the only reasons, though. I've been very concerned about Grandad, whose mind still hasn't recovered. His behavior was just erratic enough that it was becoming a question of whether he could still be kept at home or not. Finally, they enrolled him in a program called "Generations" where they actually care about trying to get medications regulated to actually help the person mentally as well as physically (unlike the hospital and rehab who could have cared less about his mind, only his body). Today is his fifth day there. I don't know if they are making progress or not, but Grandma can go see him for the first time today. With him there, thankfully everyone is able to relax and try to catch up on their rest.

All that to say, this whole situation has just brought up the feelings of loss and grief that I feel from losing my Grandma earlier this year, which made the loss of a complete set and have ended traditions I've celebrated for all of my 37 years. I'm not ready to lose another grandparent at all, much less in the same year, and to have even more traditions come to an end. It's just all been too much change for me at one time and I've had a hard time coping. Blogging, while I enjoy it, was one of the last things on my mind.

All that said, let's continue on with some good stuff!

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