Friday, November 14, 2008

Our booth at the Indie Emporium

Here is our booth at the Indie Emporium. This was our first time to do this show and we were excited about it. It turned out to be a very interesting, enlightening, learning experience. We did not do as well as we had hoped. I ended up selling $2.00 worth of postcards to a lady. No, that is not an error. I really only sold $2.00. It was disappointing in that regard. However, we enjoyed spending time together and were able to see what really sold (people did buy from other vendors) and we had a lot of time to watch people and see just what they were buying. The vendor selling fake mustaches on a stick near us sold at least five of them that I saw. He made more on fake mustaches than I made the whole day and a half. That's a sad thing (for me, probably not for him). We shall perservere with our art and crafts. I saw exactly where the box was and will now know when I'm thinking outside of it.

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