Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our second trip to the Fair

I guess on our second trip to the Fair, I mainly took pictures of the animals. At any rate, these are all the pictures I found on my camera from our visit. I think I was tired and we had a lot going on and not enough time to really relax and enjoy. This is the placid giraffe.

The camel was in constant motion because there was a kid with a little cup of food in it and he kept feeding the camel. I couldn't wait for them to get away from the camel and for the camel to stand still, so here is the picture of the camel chewing.

I couldn't even manage to get a picture of this cute goat's face. He wouldn't look at me because I didn't have a little cup of food and he was looking for someone that did.

Even the sleeping water buffalo couldn't be bothered to open his eyes and get up. Either he'd had one too many little cups of food or he was just tired of the constant stream of staring pointing people and needed a break.

So, those were from our visit to the petting zoo (where we were in too much of a hurry and there were too many people for me to even get close enough to pet the animals (except I probably could have petted the goat, but really wanted his little eyes on me while I did the petting). This picture is from an awesome artist who painted this picture of Johnny Cash to music within seven minutes (with some dancing around included). He was truly amazing and certainly has a gift for painting faces.

Incidentally, my photographs did not place in the Fair so I probably won't bother to enter any next year (unless I take a picture of something so spectacular in the next year that it would be a crime not to enter it). I did manage to eat an Indian Taco and a Chicken Pita and some Beer Battered Fried Cheese Curds and tasted of several desserts during our two trips to the Fair. I don't think I ate as much as I normally do there, but it may have to do with the fact I had a limited amount of money to spend on food, so couldn't go as crazy as I may have wanted. It's really too bad the Fair doesn't come twice a year. I just love a good Fair.

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