Saturday, November 15, 2008

Indie Fashion Show, part 1

This is the fashion show that took place at the Indie Emporium (we took our booth down early along with everyone else in the middle so they could set up the stage). I put half the pictures in this post and I'll put the other half in the next post.

This was my first fashion show to attend (besides being in Fashion Shows while I was in 4-H and those were usually garmets made from wool). I can't say I'm really up on fashion as I tend to buy what works well on me (and even stuff I like that doesn't work so well on me).

It was a very interesting experience to be at a fashion show. I enjoy watching America's Next Top Model on TV (and sometimes catch Project Runway), but I didn't know what to expect at this live show. I have to say that the designers were all excited to have their collections revealed. And the models, well, it looked like it was some of them's first rodeo. Some of them were really trying for fierce and ended up with what looked more like farce.

I enjoyed Tony Li's collection the best as they looked classy, yet like something you would choose to wear (although to a dressier event than I usually attend). As these pictures are in no particular order and I'm not even sure we caught every model (some of the pictures just really didn't turn out well), I couldn't point to every picture that was his, but his collection was centered around basic black. For those of you up on fashion, you may be able to tell which ones are his by looking at them.

Unfortunately, I missed the really wild crazy designer whose clothes centered around 80's fashions (that I had a blast with in the 80's, but wouldn't choose to wear again today) as it never entered my mind to take pictures until Pooker poked me and said I should be getting pictures of this. Probably because he was as stunned as I by what is now in fashion and by the farce of some of the models. All in all, an enlightening experience. And one in which I had my first taste of the local fashion scene.

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