Friday, November 21, 2008

Brownie's hiding place

This is where my Brownie dog hides when she is scared. She never really used to be scared much (only during storms with thunder and lightening), but last winter we had a terrible ice storm that was so bad it knocked out power to over 250,000 homes. Well, you can imagine the trees that had to break to cause that many power outages (not to mention substantial damage to houses and vehicles). I could hear some breaking nearby, but she could hear them a lot farther than I could and to hear that horrible snapping sound constantly for more than three days was really more than either of us could handle. Plus, we were stuck inside for at least a week and we both had a little cabin fever.

To top it off, our power will sometimes flicker which will turn off the tv and vcr and computer, etc. When those things go off, they make a small noise which sounds a lot like the noises we heard during the storm. She will go hide in the bathroom for a while until she feels like everything is okay then she'll come out. I think it is interesting that she automatically hides in the one room in our house that is the "safest" (no windows, center of the house) without anyone telling her, "Now Brownie, the bathroom is the safest room in the house."

She's a smart one, that one. Of course, I don't want her to be scared of those things (it is amazing how powerful the mind is), so I'm praying over her and believing that she is healed and whole. And yes, prayer does work over little doggies!

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