Friday, August 29, 2008

One for the road

And here's my last post before we hit the road. This is a shot from the little "pocket park" that we walk down to and all around. There are several benches scattered around that people can sit on. I thought the sky was a beautiful blue and the view is incredible. I also liked the thought of an empty bench. How many people have sat on that bench and contemplated the river? Life? Loss? Marriage? Job? Change? I have yet to sit on that bench, but when I do, I hope it's because I've been accepted into a gallery with my art and I'm celebrating.

(Incidentally, Brownie has poo-pooed by this bench and I definitely picked it up and threw it away (trash can is nearby) because I didn't like the thought of someone coming to sit and contemplate and getting dog doo on their shoes. That would not be a good start to their day and it is so hard to get completely off, isn't it?!)

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