Thursday, August 7, 2008

Three more squirrels

We went for a walk in a new place last week, a park near our house. It is full of squirrels!

This mama squirrel stayed on a branch near us and was chattering loudly trying to make us go away. She kept her sharp eyes on us, even while we were moving around under the tree to get the best shot (picture) of her I could! You could tell she would do anything to protect her babies.

This little fellow was very curious about us, as were we about him. He just sat in that V of the tree and stared.

This cutie was balanced on the electrical lines. When I kept trying to get closer to get his picture, he'd turn around and start to run the other way. I was really trying to zoom in as much as I could, but with him turning back and forth, I just wanted to get his picture before he ran off.

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