Thursday, August 14, 2008

Out of the top of my eye

We went for our walk this morning. At one part of the trail, I ran into a large spiderweb that I hadn't noticed until I felt it on my face. I immediately backed up and brushed the web off and Brownie and I continued on. We took the little path down to the river and were walking by the river when out of the top of my eye, I notice movement on the underneath bill of my hat. I immediately shrieked and ripped off the hat (while catching a large wad of my hair in my hand). I stood there and ran my hands through my hair to try to get anything else that was alive off me. I didn't stop shaking my hair until I looked down at my hat (which I had thrown in the mud---yuck) and saw a large gray spider crawling back towards my hat. I snatched my hat back up and glared at the spider and it slunk down by a rock and curled up. I was sad about getting mud on my favorite pink hat, but happy to get rid of unwanted passengers. I was also a little sad that I had seperated the gray spider from his/her family and I prayed that God would help it make its way back (we were more than 100 feet from its web). There was no way I was picking it up and taking it back. It took me another 50 feet going in the opposite direction to quit feeling the heebie-jeebies from having given it a ride so long.

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