Monday, August 4, 2008


One of the few wildflowers that I still see in bloom on our walks. Because of the extreme heat, flowers that aren't shaded by the trees and growing by the water are no more.

We just got back from our morning walk. It is supposed to be 105 degrees outside today, but the humidity is low so at least it won't make 105 feel like 115. We actually left our house and walked this morning rather than driving somewhere to walk. I prayed last week that that creepy man who was sitting on the bench by the river all the time would be removed and he wasn't there! It was really nice to have him gone so we could just relax and walk. With the lack of rain, the river is down and you can see lots of sandbars and rocks and things sticking up. It gave us lots of room by the water to walk and explore. I always look for flint or arrowheads when I walk or other rocks that interest me (or even things that aren't rocks that interest me). My hip pack becomes a repository for lots of things. The other day, I pulled out some feathers, a bolt, a nut, some glass, a few rocks, and some other bits of metal I've picked up. If I don't empty it every so often, I don't have enough room for new treasures!

Today, I picked up a card because I was curious about it. It says "You're cute all over" on the front with a kitten looking down at a gerbil. On the inside, it says "I know. I checked." The guy wrote "Just thought this was cute and not too mushy. Me." The envelope was two feet away from the card, so of course, I had to pick it up to see who it was to. I don't know how this card got out of Dian's hands, but it is now in mine. Yes, I picked the card up and carried it home (but I left the envelope!). I'm going to do a painting using all the things I've picked up, but right now, I'm still in the gathering stages. I'll put Dian's cards with my other things. It will make such a nice addition.

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