Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunrise and Walter the Farting Dog

I've wanted to get this posted for several weeks, but with denting the door of our Hyundai then having the Probe unable to be driven and the search and purchase of the new car, I'm just now getting to it.

A used bookstore here in town was open early for customers two Saturday's ago so I caught the sunrise on our way to the store. I really love books and love to read. I mainly read stories with happy endings, stories where I can get away for a while and just enjoy a new place or a mythical world or what have you. Definitely no stories where I could cry. I'd rather smile and laugh while I read because life is already full of too many other things to cry about and I do not need that in my books and/or movies.

Yes, I found more books to add to my rather large collection (I'm going to have a house with a library someday complete with wall-to-wall bookshelves with those rolling ladders attached and some comfy chairs and a fireplace).

This is just one of the books I bought. My sister found it while she was looking in the children's section and brought it over to see if I wanted it (I love children's books about dog's). We sat there and read this book and laughed and laughed until the middle (because Walter was bought at the garage sale by a man who was just using his "gas" to fill up balloons (he'd hooked Walter to a "fart machine" to collect the gas) and he would go into banks dressed as a clown with the balloons and pop them and the "gas" would cause the people to pass out and he'd steal the money--that wasn't too funny--but Walter saved the day at the end). It really was a cute book and I had to have it. I thought it was just too good not to share. Who wouldn't like a book with a cute dog named Walter who farts?

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