Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Far from home...

I see many shopping carts wandering far from their home, lost and alone. This cart just appeared overnight where we happen to walk on our way to the river. The first picture is when we first saw it and it stayed there for four days, then four days later it is in the position you see it in the second picture. Two days after that, it was gone.

I'd like to tell you it made its way back home, but we'll just never really know for sure unless Wal-Mart circumspectly combs nearby neighborhoods after dark to snatch their little lost carts off the streets and return them to the safety of their home. But they don't get lost on their own, do they now. They were pushed astray. Can't really blame it all on the cart because it was just used and left when it was no longer needed. Here's to hoping stray carts really do get rescued off the streets! They seem to thrive (and multiply) better when returned to the safety of the herd.

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