Monday, August 11, 2008

Playing in the sprinkler

Since it has been so hot, sometimes the only way we can spend any amount of time outside in the afternoon is to turn the sprinkler on. She loves playing in the sprinkler! I just love seeing her so happy. She kept playing in that sprinkler for several hours. Every once in a while, I have to run through it as well to keep cooled off.

When I watch her play, I am amazed again at how much joy she gets from every moment. She truly lives in the present, enjoying life to the fullest. She's not worried about two minutes from now or an hour from now or a day or a month or a year from now. She just enjoys now and reminds me that I, too, need to live in the present. What better way to be reminded than from a frolicking dog girl?

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BB said...

i wanna buy that dog 4 million dollars!

^ ^