Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yawning and Sniffing

I like to try to get pictures of Brownie and I together, although on days I don't brush my hair or put on a little concealer, I don't necessarily want my head in the shot!! So I leaned over to hug her and snap our pic and she yawned. Sometimes when she yawns, she makes a little high pitched "Oooooohh" noise that is pretty darn cute. Actually, she is just pretty darn cute.

This is serious air sniffing. Her whole body is focused on it. I wonder what exactly she smells. Food wafting? Scent of other dogs? People? I think their noses are so much more sensitive to smells than ours. I love her focus. She is totally in the moment. After we've been outside for a while and we go back in, sometimes I'll bury my nose in her fur and smell her. She'll smell like earth (and probably I do, too) and I love that smell. It speaks of growing things and living things and just life.

So don't forget, in your busy life, to stop and put your nose in the air and give it a good sniff, just relishing the moment and the feeling of being alive.

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