Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From our walk a few weeks ago

These were taken on one of our walks a few weeks ago. It seems like I take 50-60 pictures at one time, then I download them. Depending on when I get them off my camera is when I show them to you!

Not much happening today. We did go out for our walk in the early afternoon (because I had to go to Wal-Mart for groceries this morning). While there, I realized Brownie's harness was in the vehicle Pooker took to work, so picked up a new harness (size medium). After I got home, I took it out and realized that a medium must be for a Yorkie. So, had to drive to the other Wal-Mart near me and exchange it for a size large harness (much better, but even then, it is at its limits and she is only a 37 pound dog). After doing that and eating lunch were we able to get out for a bit. We both had cabin fever from a weekend with no walks and it raining Sunday and most of yesterday. We needed to get out and walk and sniff and feel free for a while.

Today, Janet Evanovich's book Lean Mean Thirteen was released in mass market paperback. I know that Fearless Fourteen was also released today in hardcover, but I like to read paperbacks so after devouring Thirteen today, it will be a long Stephanie Plum'less year for me. Thankfully, I only recently discovered her books. I say that because after I read the first one (and loved it), I had to run out and scour the used bookstores to find all of them. I found and finished them all in a few weeks. If I'd been a fan from the start, I would have been reading for 13 years! Nah. I feel fortunate to just now be having to wait the obligatory year between books. And as soon as I get a little extra money, I'm going to order a T-shirt from her website, but I just can't decide between the two men in Stephanie's life. Am I a fan of Morelli or Ranger? If I'm a Morelli fan, then the shirt will be a black V-neck with "Cupcake" embroidered in purple on the left chest. If I'm a Ranger fan, the shirt will have RangeMan embroidered in black on black over the left chest. (Cupcake is what Morelli calls Stephanie and RangeMan is the name of Ranger's company.) I think I'm kind of leaning towards Ranger. When I get my shirt, I'll take a picture of it so you can see which one I chose.

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