Sunday, June 1, 2008


I think almost all flowers are beautiful, even though I know some flowers are really part of weeds. In our yard, we used to have the pretty purple flowers. And this year because the lawn service we use hasn't done a good job, we had some pretty yellow flowers. When I showed this picture to Mom, she told me it was Bindweed. Then, she noticed the wheat (I hadn't known it was there when I was taking a picture of the pretty white flowers). She said farmers hate it when bindweed gets in with the wheat. I guess maybe it chokes it out and keeps it from producing what it could.

Isn't that just like something that is not in our best interest to be all dressed up in a pretty package? Sometimes you don't know it for what it is until it is choking your life of the truly good things. Recognize it for what it is. See beyond the pretty white flowers to what is beneath. If it is not in your best interest, let it go and let your life be full of things that will enable you to produce a bountiful, full harvest.

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