Thursday, June 5, 2008

More turtles!

It seems like when Brownie and I go for our walks, we either run into squirrels or turtles. The other day, it was turtles (and not the same turtles we saw last time, either!) This first turtle is a little one.

I put my tennis shoe by him so you could see how small he is! (I assure you, my tennis shoe did not actually touch him and he was left in the exact same condition we found him!)

This second turtle, I would not have seen if Brownie hadn't pointed him out. He was slightly hidden.

I have no idea why his shell is so lichen-covered looking. What do you have to get into to actually stain your shell so badly? Is it just because he is a different kind of turtle? Such a slow mover that moss actually grows on him? I don't know, but his sweet little face looks friendly even if his shell isn't too attractive.

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