Thursday, June 12, 2008

So many rainy days...

We have had so many rainy days in the past few months, not that I'm not thankful for the rain. I am. But if you'll look under my trampoline and in my crop circle (actually that was where my little swimming pool was all last summer), you'll see how much extra rain there was. It was actually still raining a little when I took the above picture (as evidenced by the drops of water splashing in the crop circle).

When it finally did stop (in the mid-afternoon), Brownie and I went out so she could relieve herself (after holding it all night and all morning--not because I make her, but because she won't go out in the heavy rain). I crouched down and looked under the trampoline and loved how the light and sky and fence were reflecting off the water and had to run in and get my camera.

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