Friday, May 9, 2008

Our walk this morning

We went for our walk/jog this morning. Brownie and I sure enjoy it when Pooker goes, too. Pooker works such long hours and this is our time to be together and walk and talk for a little bit (when I'm awake enough to be coherent). We all walk together down to the trail, then he goes on ahead to jog. Buppa pulls me because she sees her DaDa running and wants to run with him. I have to remind her if she runs with him, there won't be any sniffing and I know she would sure miss her sniffing. Even then, she still pulls a little until DaDa is out of sight. We continue our walk, depending on how far Pooker is going to run. We try to turn around and start back before we see him coming so we can be near the end of our walk when we all meet back up. Sometimes she will watch all the men that jog by, wagging her tail in the hopes that it is DaDa coming. When she sees him, she lights up. Sometimes she sees him and we keep going so she can sniff as rapidly as possible (knowing once DaDa reaches us, we'll be heading back) until he gets even with us and says her name. Then she wags her whole body and bounds over to him so she can lick him and he can pet her. Other times, she spots him coming a ways off and runs towards him as fast as she can drag me, whole body wagging, until she can get to him and give her lick and get her petting. Then we all walk home together to start going about our day.

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