Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brownie loves going to Nana and Papa's

Brownie loves going to her Nana and Papa's. For one thing, she doesn't have to wear a leash! For another, she has lots more to see and sniff. One of the things I do with her is take a morning walk and an evening walk. We go down to the mailbox and back. Every so often, she will look back to check on me to see where I am.

We sat outside all afternoon Saturday under the shade of a little tree, helping my brother with the "fort" as needed.

What a happy girl! But I tell you when it is time to come back home, she sticks pretty close to us and to our vehicle. No matter how good a time she has had, she doesn't want to be left there without us. I think it is safe to say our hearts are knit together with this beautiful brown dog girl's.

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